This is our home, welcome! Collateral loans Jewelry Musical Instruments Sporting equiptment Gamers delight

This is our home, welcome!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check us out! Please take a moment to check out our product's and services.

Collateral loans

Need to get some quick cash? We are always here to help! With our highly experienced staff, we not only accept a broad range of items, but will be sure to get you top dollar on every transaction!


High quality jewelry for less, check the competitor's and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed! Please ask us about our jewelry cleaning services and for those looking to purchase higher end pieces, we are pleased to offer one on one consultations!

Musical Instruments

From a classic signed guitar from led zeppelin to a nice Jackson dk1 dinky ghost, you have musical instrument needs? We can fill them!

Sporting equiptment

We have what you need to get you off the couch and become an avid outdoor enthusiast!

Gamers delight

Xbox 360, Ps3, D.S, Wii..... You name it, we got it! gaming consoles, games, accessories and much more! We are the pre owned gaming hot spot of the North Shore!


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Pawn/Buyer Facts

Ok let’s face it pawning is not the most socially acceptable practise, but if we’re being honest your average bank will not loan a client $300.00, but that amount is commonplace at a pawnshop.  A collateral loan is less invasive than most title or payday loans, think of how simple that mortgage was, right? The common collateral loan time is less than 5min and is way less embarrassing than a fender bender! 
A reputable business will operate with sound moral and honest business practises (see mission statement), a pawn shop is no different, you will easily be able to spot these businesses from some of the “stores” you may have seen elsewhere. In order to assist in providing an alternative to financial, retail sales and other services plus a different idea of what a pawnshop can offer at Big Don’s Super Pawn.


Legal Obligations; We adhere to all provincial and federal statutes, therefore we require all new clients to produce 2 pieces of government issued identification.

Client Checklist

    • Did you remember to bring your identification?
    • Did you remember your accessories? (The more original accessories that you bring with an item the better)